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Gentech: Auto Repair Shop Serving Canberra

    Established in 2000, Gentech has become Canberra’s one of the most premium auto repair shop. Far from being restricted to repairs, GenTech provides all manner of upgrades from high performance engine modifications to brake and suspension upgrades. In recent years, they have also begun offering warranty book services and fleet servicing.

    The client’s previous website was built on a long-dated version of Joomla CMS. Osky Interactive as the professional expert in web application development and web design in Canberra, have plenty of experienced consultants and developers, who can provide various assistance in website services, consulting services in strategy, marketing and development.

    We gave GenTech a fully responsive modernised design, built on the WordPress CMS. This also includes Facebook integration to ensure all the latest posts from their Facebook page are reflected on the site, keeping it regularly updated with fresh content and leading more traffic from Facebook and other social media platforms. The GenTech staff were also trained in how to maintain the site, to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge to manage the website on their own.

    The brief

    To replace an outdated website that was no longer drawing the desired amount of visitors to their site due to slippage in Google rankings and was suffering a lack of proper conversion of the traffic they were receiving.


    • Rotating feature banner on homepage
    • Bootstrap responsive framework
    • News and events module
    • Integration with Google Maps
    • Online booking form
    • Optimised for SEO

    The outcome

    Osky overhauled the entire design with a customised website that accurately personified the brand and principles which establishes GenTech as the premium auto workshop in Canberra. Envisioned from the ground-up to be mobile friendly, and highly optimised for SEO; the new site also includes an easy to use interface for GenTech staff to manage content and keep the website up-to-date.

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